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Improved Space is committed to delivering your project at the highest quality and fairest price possible. We work throughout New England and are experts when it comes to finishing basements. Ceilings are one of the most challenging parts of the finishing process. There are multiple ways to finish a ceiling. A hard ceiling using moisture and mold resistant wall board is one way. Only 20% of ceiling in the basement chose this path. There are a couple of reasons this is not recommended. The main reason is access to plumbing and electrical. If there is a problem in the future on the first floor and there is a water leak, you will be removing the ceiling to find where the problem is. That will be a $1000.00 minimum fix. Another reason a hard ceiling is a low percentage is code. The building code for a hard ceiling is 7’. In New England, unless it’s new construction, 7’ is challenging to accomplish. The recommended ceiling is a drop ceiling. There are multiple choices of ceiling tiles to choose from but the standard tile Improved Space uses is a solid white Armstrong tile. The other way to finish a ceiling to paint it. We have custom manufactured a way to hang the LED recessed light for a beautiful aesthetic.


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