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Improved Space is committed to delivering your project at the highest quality and fairest price possible. We work throughout New England and are experts and finished basements. When it comes to basements, no floor is level. New construction is easy but the older homes in New England can be challenging. There is a product called Dri Core Armor Shield that we use for a subfloor if you have the ceiling height. If you do not, we will skim coat the low spots to level out enough to put a floor down. All flooring should be non-organic. Hard wood and carpet are not recommended. Carpet tile onto of a subfloor can be installed and Improved Space recommends carpet tile from The main reason is there are no adhesives used for installation. It is installed with stickers for easy removal if the tiles get wet or damaged. The only floor that is 100% water proof is tile. If you get flooded or a pipe breaks, tile is the only one that you can mop up the water and have no stress. Vinyl is the main floor we install.


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