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Improved Space is committed to delivering your project at the highest quality and fairest price possible. We work throughout New England and are experts at finished basements. Heating a basement is required if it is going to be classified as additional living space. If you are calling the space finished storage, no heat is required by code. Each home has their main source of heating. Improved Space evaluates the cost whether we tie into the existing source or implement it’s own source. If you have forced hot air or water, how much will it be to add another zone. The upfront cost may be 5-6K. Electric heater blowers may only be 1-2k. Improved Space will educate you on your choices and ultimately, the home owner will make the decision. Improved Space has done heated floors but they are not recommended. Improved Space has installed radiant heat ceiling tiles that heat the space and not the air. There are mixed reviews.


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