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Improved Space is committed to delivering your project at the highest quality and fairest price possible. We work throughout New England and are experts at finished basements. Every basement has a stairway. Sometimes two. If your stairway is old and not code compliant, Improved Space understands how to fix them or replace them. After evaluating the fix, the final aesthetic is where the money is. The decision to make is whether you want walls on both sides of the stairs. Or do you want a ½ wall on one or both sides. Next question is do you want a railing with balusters on one or both sides?. When it comes to the stairs themselves, the least expensive way to go would be carpet. It’s soft on your feet and doesn’t hurt as much if you fall. Installing beautiful oak treads with painted riser will add time and money to the project, but at the end of the project, they make the room. If it’s in the budget, Improved Space loves to install a beautiful stairway.


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