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Remodeled basement flooring

There are three correct ways to do flooring:

1) Tile.  Any tile will do.  You can put tile directly on top of the concrete.  The challenge you may have is your concrete is not level or has some high and low points.  There are ways to fix or level it.  Cost wise, if you went HD or Lowes, you will pay between $1.50 - $5.00 a sq ft for product and $5.00 a sq ft for installation.  Budget $7.00 a sq ft

2) Subfloor.  There are a few different subfloors on the market place that are recommended.  There are also a couple that are not.  Anything that has wood or USB board (Dri-Core) is NOT recommended.  They will grow mold. The sub floors I recommend are Tyroc and Thermal Dry Flooring.  They go directly onto your concrete and allow the moisture to evaporate or go back into your concrete.  You can put whatever you would like on top of the subfloor but do not recommend hardwood.  If carpet is what you would like then a subfloor is the correct avenue.   Subfloor and installation budget $8.00 a sq ft.

3) Water proof flooring.  Depending on your concrete, there are products out there that can accommodate and uneven floor.  Product and installation budget $8.00 - $10.00 a sq ft.


I love bathrooms. Designing the bathroom is fun!  A stand up shower with a rain head, a hand held extension with jets shooting out of the wall, that's what I'm talking about!  We can do whatever you dream of.  I've put in steam rooms, sauna's, stand up showers with frameless glass enclosures, bidets; you think it we can do it.  Installing bathrooms in a basement is all about getting the water out.  There are three ways to get the water out.  One is called gravity feed, second is a below the concrete ejector pump and the third is an above the ground pump called a sani-flow. A normal full bathroom without an ejector pump will cost $10,000.00. (not a tiled shower)  This would include all plumbing, electrical, and all accessories (toilet, vanity, stand up shower)

Tiled shower in Finished basement
Custom shelving Finished Basement

In order to meet state building codes for the second form of egress or if we put a bedroom in a basement we will need an egress window.  We will cut the concrete for the window to be 44" from the slab and install a window approximately 4' x 4'.  Wellcraft is a manufacture of window wells.  Depending on the type of foundation and the amount of excavation needed you can budget $6,000.00.


An In-Law apartment is all about the stove or cook top. We can finish the basement with a kitchenette, bedroom, full bathroom and it's a finished basement.  Once we add a stove or a cook top, it's classified as an In-Law Apartment. Each state and the municipality has their own interpretation and rules in regards to the building codes we need to follow.  In Mass, certain towns and cities have implemented the FALA act.  (The Family Assisted Living Act)  It allows you up to 720 sq ft of living space without going for a special permit. 

Kitchenette Finished Basement
Heating a Basement

There are multiple ways to heat your basement, forced hot water, forced hot air, radiant heat ceiling tiles, electric baseboard, mini splits...Building code requires a permanent  heating source on its own zone for living space.  Once your basement is finished with insulated walls, ceiling & flooring, there is nowhere for the heat to go.  It does not keep calling for it.  Electric baseboard heat is the least expensive upfront cost.


This is the most important part of any basement project! Conditioning your air should be your number one priority.  Regulating the humidity and removing all mold spores from the air is vital for healthy living.  Budget $1800.00 for a good system.

Air Quality in Basemens




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